Eye Brow Mapping

eyebrow_template_webCreating a template of your natural brow is a unique service, just another way we match our clients needs to innovative and luxurious products. elevé uses precision measurements to recreate our clients eye brow shape to a custom template. The result is an exact map with perfect spacing between the two brows. Both natural growth pattern and texture are matched when constructing the eye brows, plus the clients own hair is used for a perfect color match!

These ‘made just for you’ eyebrows have a special adhesive, which allows for extended wear through sweat, pool, beach, and rain.

A stencil is also given to clients, which is used to brushed on eye brow shape with powder during regular makeup routine. This method gives clients a polished look for work events, professional pictures and going out.

– A natural versatile solution to the loss of eye brows during treatments.
– Expert guidance on application of eye brow template.
– Tailored instructions on how to use eye brow stencil.


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